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Sea Glass Bracelet: Charity Collection


Sea Glass Bracelet: Charity

Made with eight genuine pieces of green sea glass from Laguna Beach, CA.

-Measures 7 inches (standard bracelet size)
-Stretch bracelet
-Dyed wood waxed beads from the Philippines
-Made with elastic bead cord
-The size and shapes of the sea glass will vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet
-20% of all proceeds raised from the sale of this item will go to charity


Sea Glass Bracelet: Charity Collection

The charity sea glass bracelet is the best of both worlds. By buying this bracelet you are not only getting a hand crafted beautiful sea glass bracelet but you are also keeping the ocean clean. 20% of all profits raised through sales of this necklace are donated to the Surfrider Foundation. To make this bracelet we use wood beads that are hand cut, dyed, and waxed in the Philippines. Yes, we said hand cut! No machines were used in the making of these beads, a human being hand cut each and every one. These beads are strung onto elastic cord along with 8 pristine pieces of sea glass that were found in Laguna Beach, CA. These pieces of sea glass are at least 25-50 years old and are hand selected to ensure they free of flaws. The combination of natural wood and sea glass create an earthy, beach inspired look that is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Read more about where your donations are going at our “Giving Back” page!


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