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Our Battle Against Trash

At Sea Candy we pick up more than just sea glass; we also pick up trash. We try to dedicate at least a few hours a week to keeping our beaches clean. Over the years we have noticed a dramatic increase in trash along our beaches. A few years ago, the only trash we would find on the beach was trash that missed the trashcan. But in recent years there has been trash washing in from the ocean as well. Strands Beach Clean Up 1Some of the trash is easy to pick up; such as water bottles, bottle caps, pens, cans, and cups. However, the real problem is styrofoam and thin brittle plastic. These types of materials break down into smaller pieces which makes it tedious to pick them up. In addition, products such as styrofoam take 500 years to biodegrade. To put that into perspective… if Christopher Columbus threw a styrofoam cup into the ocean the day he discovered America, it would still be floating out there today. Keep in mind styrofoam was first used in 1931, and was not used in great volume until the 1970s. In this short amount of time it has managed to become a bigger threat to our oceans than any other material. At this rate, our beaches will look like they are covered in snow within the next 50-100 years. To combat this we must cut down on plastic consumption and eliminate styrofoam all together. We are working hard to combat the source of the problem, and Styrofoamcurrently donate 20% of all charity item purchases to the Surf Rider Foundation. The Surf Rider Foundation strives to keep our oceans clean. We are also working with a few other companies who have similar interests in finding a solution to this problem. With that being said, getting down and dirty and picking up trash is the easiest, most effective way to keep our beaches clean. Because of this, we are offering 25% off to anyone who sends in a picture of themselves picking up trash. If you do not live near the beach, do not fret. We are offering the discount to anyone who picks up trash in general. Trash that is not in a trashcan finds its way into the ocean one way or another. We would love to spread the word and add your pictures to our blog! Send in your picture to and let us know if we have permission to put your photo on our website. We will message you back with your discount code. In addition, keep an eye out for beach clean-ups that we will be hosting in the near future. 

PS: We do not get any of our sea glass from the beaches we pick up trash at. We find all of our glass at clean inviting beaches located in Laguna Beach, CA. A majority of the beaches we pick up trash at are located in Dana Point, CA.

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