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About Us

Sea Candy Jewelry uses genuine sea glass that is all found by us in Laguna Beach, CA. Sea Candy Jewelry was founded on love, respect, and a fascination for the ocean and its treasures. Our goal is to take these treasures and turn them into something beautiful that reminds us of the sea wherever we might be. We have been collecting sea glass for the past decade and continue to collect daily. It is what brings tranquility and peace to our lives, and is a passion that will stay with us forever. We believe every piece of sea glass deserves to be shared with the world and enjoyed by everyone.  Each piece of Sea Candy Jewelry is unique because no two pieces of sea glass are alike. We pour our heart and soul into every piece we make. From finding the piece of sea glass on the beach, to constructing the jewelry with high quality materials, we are involved every step of the way. Every piece of sea glass has been in the ocean for 25 to 50 years. Now it is ready to accompany you for many years to come.

Owners Olivia Oddo and Sean Malek (Firebrand Media, LLC/Jody Tiongco)